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Change Log 2023-07-31

Introducing the latest yey’maps update, packed with an array of more than 50 exciting new features and enhancements to boost user experience and productivity. Among the much-awaited additions is the Zoning tool, complemented by numerous advancements in the newly renamed Task Management tool. In response to user feedback, we have diligently addressed multiple reported bugs and refined terminologies for an even smoother user experience. Here are the key highlights of this significant update:

New Features


  • Access a layer’s data table from the Layers’ page.
  • Auto-optimize label placement added to text symbology.
  • Activity section added to yey’maps Dashboard.
  • Added label alignment in symbology settings.
  • Request an account option added to yey’maps login page.
  • Ability to check all tools in the Tools section on a project’s settings page.
  • Ability to check all tools on the Tools settings page.
  • Removed ability to edit linked layers.
  • Notifications are visible on all pages.
  • Alias column name is visible in map legend.
  • Created date and Modified date added to layer settings.
  • Green, yellow, and red notifiers that appear after an update action appear for a shorter period.
  • Ability to choose to open a project as a map or module interface.
  • Newly created fields will automatically have the info column checked.
  • Hovering over a feature with tool tip active will display the desired attribute.
  • “No Access” will appear when hovering over a layer a user does not have access to.
  • Added a heat map symbology option for integer based point values.
  • Added new field type options: Range, Drop Down, Video, Audio, Multi Select, and Check Box.
  • Removed Logger from yey’maps from Dashboard.
  • Added a Tool Tip option for points lines and polygons.
  • Changed Global Settings location to be in individual project settings.
  • Adjusted scroll bar usability in categorized symbology settings.
  • Ability to assign layer groups to maps from the layer groups page.
  • Share a direct link to the extent of a specific feature within a project to other users.
  • Ability to set which base map automatically appears from project settings.
  • Removed the ability to change the table in layer settings.
  • Ability to jump to a map from the layers page through a layer assigned to that map.
  • Ability to use URLs and .xmls for WMS and WMTS layers.
  • After making edits to multiple categorized symbology feature types, users will only need to click the apply button once to save the changes made to all features.


  • Created an optimized detail printing function for Zoning.
  • Responsive design for mobile website.
  • Click zoning map to query zones and overlays
  • Ability to edit and create zones from map interface.
  • Added Status field for zones and overlays.
  • Import or append new zoning or overlay features.
  • Ability to change zoning and overlay search criteria.
  • You can make edits from the Zone or Overlay’s details page.
  • Add documents and links to zones and overlays.
  • Documents and links added to the printed pdf.
  • Ability to link permitted business types to zones.

Task Management

  • Added the ability to set recurring tasks.
  • Added CC section for task creation.
  • Added a check all box for CC recipients.
  • Only users with visibility to a workspace can be assigned to a task.
  • Sync Tasks to Google and Teams Calendars.
  • See Primary Consultant and CC recipients on Calendar.
  • Till Date has been changed to Due Date.
  • We added an Activity section to the task’s editing page for adding comments, attachments, and mentioning users.
  • I auto-filled task duration to 7 days and times are preset to 12:00 A.M.
  • Share tasks to available workspaces.
  • Ability to import and export workspace structures.

Bug Fixes – BPlan (German edition only)

  • You can now show the attribute data of the layer ‘Geltungsbereiche’ with the DataTable tool.
  • Adding a new geometry object to the layer “Geltungsbereiche” is possible again.
  • We have refined and improved Adresse searches for published BPlans, making them more accurate
  • Clicking on the ZoomToAll map icon on a published BPlan project does no longer throw an error.

New Features -Cemetery

  • Begin and end date of a grave lease are both editable now.

Bug Fixes – Easements

  • Date formats now work for the English (07/15/2023) and German (15.07.2023) date formats.
  • Deleting an easement in the easement overview table does not jump to the dashboard any longer. Instead a prompt window shows up and if clicked “Delete” the easement will be deleted.

Bug Fixes for yey’maps

  • Corrected Layers’ page drop-down functions.
  • User Role: Viewer can change profile picture.
  • Duplicate layer: corrected float field type and integer interchange.
  • Duplicate layer: fields and geometry are copied from parent layer.
  • External users cannot add bookmarks to projects.
  • Corrected labeling error for text attributes with line breaks.
  • Data Table attributes and information pane synced.
  • Sharing workspaces within Task Management will only show available workspaces.
  • Resolved layer group sharing issues.
  • Resolved the inability to remove layer groups from a map.
  • You can change the floating field quantity that was stuck on 2.
  • Resolved the inability to share layers between clients.
  • Resolved label scaling issues.
  • Resolved issues regarding no data in info pane for WFS layers
  • The date formats for English (07/15/2023) and German (15.07.2023) are shown in correspondence with the global language settings when using the date field type

New yey’maps Terminologies

  • Data Warehouse has been renamed to Layers.
  • We renamed Project/Maps to Maps.
  • Asset Management has been renamed to Task Management.

More Tool Updates

  • Routing: Directly access Bing Maps on your phone from a yey’maps route analysis.
  • Routing: Add Selected points to add multiple stop points along a route.
  • Address Tool: Allow Latitude and Longitude input.
  • Data Table: Resize column width, added gridlines, alternating gray tint to rows, ability to change field order, translation corrections, and zoom to selected features.
  • Data Table: Added paging to speed up data table loading time.
  • Elevation Profile: Move the elevatoin profile box.
  • Print: Ability to add copyright information to a printed map.
  • Compute Perpendicular Point: Added the ability to view look up fields.
Updated on 12/08/2023

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