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User Roles and Privileges

To ensure smooth collaboration and data management, yey’maps employs a comprehensive user roles system, allowing organizations to assign specific privileges and responsibilities to their members. In this article, we’ll delve into the three user roles in yey’maps: Project Admin, Editor, and Viewer.

1. Project Admin

Key Privileges:

  • Publishing privileges.
  • Management of the organization and other users.

The Project Admin is the guardian of the yey’maps kingdom, holding the highest level of authority within the system. This role is essential for the smooth operation of an organization on yey’maps, as it encompasses both publishing capabilities and administrative responsibilities.

Publishing Privileges: Project Admins can publish maps, apps, and data, ensuring that valuable geospatial information is readily accessible to all members of the organization.

Administrative Privileges: Project Admins have the authority to manage the organization itself, including adding or removing users, configuring settings, and overseeing the overall operation of yey’maps within the organization. Importantly, every organization must have at least one Project Admin, but there is no limit to the number of administrators that can be assigned, ensuring that the organization can scale and delegate responsibilities effectively.

2. Editor

Key Privileges:

  • Edit features shared by other yey’maps users.
  • Create groups and content.
  • Utilize maps, apps, layers, and tools within the organization.
  • Join groups that allow members to update all items within the group.

Editors are the creative architects of yey’maps. They possess the ability to edit geospatial features created and shared by other users, allowing for collaborative data management. Editors can also create groups and content, facilitating organized collaboration and information sharing within the organization.

Editors have full access to the organization’s maps, apps, layers, and tools, enabling them to harness the full power of yey’maps for their projects. They can join groups that allow members to collectively update all items within the group, streamlining collaboration and data maintenance processes.

3. Viewer

Key Privileges:

  • View maps, apps, and data shared with them by Editors or Project Admins.
  • Access basic analysis tools within shared maps (routing tool, search tool, select tool, and data table).

Viewers play a vital role in yey’maps by consuming and interacting with geospatial content. They can access maps, apps, and data shared with them by Editors or Project Admins. While Viewers may not have editing privileges, they can still make use of basic analysis tools within shared maps, such as the routing tool, search tool, select tool, and data table. This empowers them to gain valuable insights from the geospatial information provided by their organization.

Updated on 11/19/2023

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