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How To Use The Sketch Tool

yey’maps includes a sketch tool on its maps that allows you to “sketch out” and insert points, lines, images, text, areas, and more. The tool can be used to enhance and better plan out your projects.

yey’maps’ sketch tool includes a variety of features to make your sketching smooth, neat, and reliable while working on your projects.

These Features Include:

-Save and delete sketches at your convenience
-Merge multiple sketches into a single one
-Easily toggle visibility of different sketch groups
-Add points, lines, areas, text, and images to your sketches
-Show or hide individual sketches as needed
-Snap your sketches to other objects on the map
-Zoom to the location of sketch groups or individual sketches
-Customize the symbols for point sketches (e.g., circle, square, bridge, car)
-Rotate and move every sketch at any time

The following video will teach you about the sketch tool, and how to use it to your advantage in yey’maps.

Updated on 11/19/2023

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